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About Pico Springs Ranch
The Pico Ranch was originally a 10,000 acre Hays County ranch that was subdivided during the real estate boom and the subsequent savings and loan collapse in the 1980's.

Tom and Linda Baker purchased a portion of the ranch in 1996 that had been named Pico No. 1 and was the site of one of the original ranch headquarters. They decided to keep the Pico name and this was the start of a new ranch and wildlife endeavor for them.

Tom and Linda had been raising exotic deer on their property in Dripping Springs since 1991 and had become one of the largest red deer producers in Texas. The purchase of the Hays County property was the beginning of the transition to raising whitetail deer.

Pico Ranch received its first scientific breeder permit in 1996 and purchased its foundation stock from Slim Crapps, owner of VLC Whitetails, and Tom Malouf. Subsequent purchases from Lucian Moczygemba, Robert Williams and Dean Halewyn rounded out the genetics that formed the Pico Ranch whitetail scientific breeder pens.

Since then the Pico Ranch has owned, built and operated scientific breeder facilities in Hays, Guadalupe, Brown and Lampasas Counties and has raised and sold over 1,000 whitetails. The current facilities in Hays and Lampasas Counties have over 200 whitetails in 20 pens.

Warren Bluntzer, biologist and private wildlife consultant, manages the operations. He owns and operates his own Wildlife Consulting Services and is well known and respected in the wildlife field. He has many years of experience working with all aspects of whitetail breeding operations.

The Pico Ranch is a strong supporter of the Texas Deer Association and strictly adheres to all laws, rules and regulations of the State of Texas. The ranch owners and managers of the Pico have gained a reputation of "Doing it right" and, "Standing by their product".




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